July 21, 2017

Facebook Announces 27 F8 Developer Meetups Worldwide

May 10, 2016 Chris Crum

Facebook announced 27 F8 meetups around the world to coincide with F8, its annual developer event, which will take place on April 12 and 13. These will feature a live streams of the opening day keynote and time for developers to connect with their local developer communities. According to Facebook, […]

Big Login Changes Coming To Facebook

May 1, 2015 Chris Crum

At last year’s F8 developer conference, Facebook announced some changes that would give users more control over what info they choose to share with apps. The company introduced the new Facebook Login, which lets users edit the permissions they give an app upon log in. They also announced a Login […]

Facebook Provides Analytics for Apps

March 27, 2015 Chris Crum

Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Analytics for Apps, which is exactly what it sounds like. Apps logging App Events, which according to the company, includes over 87% of the top-grossing apps in the U.S., can start using the service immediately.

Facebook Provides 5 Reasons It Rejects Apps for Login

November 14, 2014 Chris Crum

At its f8 developer conference earlier this year, Facebook rolled out Login Review, a part of the app review process, which ensures developers request only permissions that make sense for their apps. This way, users don’t have to feel uncomfortable about sharing too much to connect with one.

Facebook Improves App Integration Options

September 12, 2014 Chris Crum

Facebook announced the launch of a new set-up flow for integrating apps with Facebook, aimed at making it easier to do so. The new flow is starting to roll out today. You should be able to access it here. Over the next few weeks, it will be the default experience […]

FbStart Program Assists Startups With Launch

May 2, 2014 Chris Crum

Facebook product partnerships director Ime Archibong revealed FbStart at the company’s f8 conference. This is a program, which gives developers tools (for free) and services from Facebook itself as well as 11 other companies to “help startups take off”. These tools and services, Facebook says, are worth up to $30,000. Sounds like a pretty good deal. […]

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