All Developers Now Able To use Amazon AppStream

Last year, Amazon introduced AppStream as a way to help developers deliver applications to consumers through the cloud. The proposed benefit was that developers could deliver applications to consumers regardless of their hardware thanks to the application running on cloud servers. It’s been in beta since it was announced, but now it’s finally ready.

Most Popular Security Plugins for WordPress

I love WordPress for its ease of use, clean code (if you have the right theme), friendliness with SEO and availability of free plug-ins. However, if you fail to properly secure your WordPress application, it can quickly fall prey to hackers and malicious spammers.

Mozilla Releases Stable Build Of Firefox OS Simulator 3.0

In March, Firefox released a preview of the latest Firefox OS Simulator. Some developers may not have jumped on board for fear of it being an unstable preview build, but that fear is no longer valid as the stable build is now live.

Firefox OS Dev Units Being Shipped To Developers Next Week

Until now, developers interested in getting their hands on actual Firefox OS hardware had to either attend a workshop or install the OS on their Sony android device. Now Geeksphone is finally ready to start shipping out Firefox OS dev units.

Developers Now Have a Complete HTML5 According to W3C

Yes indeed, the HTML5 specification is now complete according to the W3C. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published today the complete definition of the HTML5 and Canvas 2D specifications. Though not yet W3C standards, these specifications are now feature complete, meaning businesses and developers have a stable target for implementation and planning. HTML5 is… Continue reading Developers Now Have a Complete HTML5 According to W3C

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