July 21, 2017

The Challenge of Digital – Big Data and More

November 14, 2012 Gary Angel

This week’s edition of Webinarmaggedon hits Thursday when I’ll be co-presenting with Krishnan Parasuraman, CTO of IBM Big Data Solutions, on Choosing a Digital Big-Data Technology Stack. With so many webinars in a row, I feel like I’m not able to do full justice to any of them, but if […]

Supersonic Query Engine Goes Open Source

October 17, 2012 Chris Crum

Google announced today that it is open sourcing a query engine library called Supersonic, which the company says is “extremely useful for creating a column oriented database back-end.” “Supersonic’s main strength lies in its speed,” says Google’s Supersonic Team in a post to Google’s Open Source blog. “It is a […]

NoSQL Job Trends – August 2012

September 5, 2012 Rob Diana

Today is yet another installment of the August job trends. For the NoSQL job trends, I am continuing to focus the list on the same tools. So, the list includes Cassandra, Redis, Voldemort, SimpleDB, CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase, and Riak. As was stated previously, Hadoop continues to be the clear leader […]

Accessing Sphinx as a Database

August 8, 2012 Bryan Young

Sphinx is a popular open source full text indexing engine which can be used to greatly improve search functionality over the full-text search options available in most databases. While adding this to the search function of a site recently, I stumbled upon some neat tricks that I would like to share with you. […]

MemSQL Instead of MySQL?

June 20, 2012 Dale Smith

On Monday, former Facebook developers Eric Frenkiel and Nikita Shamgunov launched a startup called MemSQL that aims to speed up relational databases using their experiences at our favorite social media company. Taking a cue from Facebook who achieves such fast speeds on their close to 1 billion user PHP site […]

Is NoSQL Right for your Project?

June 8, 2012 Dale Smith

Recently I was given the daunting task of developing an administration interface for a popular website. No problem I thought, and I began copying over a new copy of CakePHP to begin development. I had been notified that the original site used Mongo for it’s database, and after searching Google […]

Users Can Now Run ASP.NET On Amazon RDS

May 9, 2012 Mike Fossum

Online retail giant Amazon just announced a new update which allows users to run Microsoft’s database and web programming platform ASP.NET, on its Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Amazon reveals that users can now use Microsoft tools they are accustomed to – to deploy, manage and scale SQL Server databases […]

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