Building a 3D Cube With HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 bring some very cool additions to the web designer/developers tool kit. With the addition of more meaningful tagging in HTML5 (<header>,<nav>,<footer>, and more). Designers are given even more control to really build a site the way they envisioned. Today, I am going to show you how to create a 3D cube. The… Continue reading Building a 3D Cube With HTML5 and CSS3

Developing Compelling Content On Your Site

The following series is pulled from a presentation I gave to a group of beauty bloggers hosted by L’Oreal in New York. Most of the presentation is geared toward how to make a blog more search engine and user-friendly, however I will expand many of the concepts here to include tips and strategies for sites… Continue reading Developing Compelling Content On Your Site

Accessible Tabbed Navigation

In this tutorial we will create a simple tabbed navigation. These tabs allow resizing, and text changing for people with vision problems, and high/low resolution monitors. These tabs also only use 1 image, and unobtrusive HTML and CSS code, lets get started!

Sorry for the delay…

Howdy everyone out in internet land, I would like to thank everyone for the comments, and the help to get this site running great. I would also like to apologize due to lack of tutorial within the last week. I have been having some internet problems, so I haven’t really had the time to post… Continue reading Sorry for the delay…

Client-proof Columns

A common problem I face regarding CMS template implementation is that the HTML/CSS is restricted to only valid code. This commonly used WYSIWYG editor boasts XHTML 1.0 output but sometimes that may not be enough for a good looking document in most browsers. When working with pixel-perfect designs, this quickly becomes a major issue. Naturally,… Continue reading Client-proof Columns