Google Talks Up Cloud Hosting and App Security

Google recently conducted a roundtable of in-house experts discussing how Google uniquely provides a secure platform for businesses to store their data online. Google experts tell the story of how Google invented innovative technology allowing them to keep their customers information and data safe from digital intruders. “Information security has become such a hot topic,”… Continue reading Google Talks Up Cloud Hosting and App Security

VMware Announces Cloud Foundry

If VMware has anything to say about it, developers are going to get more familiar with the concept of cloud computing quite soon.  Today, VMware announced Cloud Foundry, which it’s describing as “a new generation of application platform.” An official statement on the matter explained, “Cloud Foundry streamlines the development, delivery and operations of modern… Continue reading VMware Announces Cloud Foundry

Neustar Launches Cloud Service

Neustar has launched its Neustar Intelligent Cloud service that will provide a single connection point between content providers, application developers and mobile operators. The Neustar Intelligent Cloud is a OneAPI compliant service that will include the following : *Discovery and Mobile Intelligence Services – Allows for the integration of location, presence and other network intelligence… Continue reading Neustar Launches Cloud Service

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Amazon Launches Elastic Beanstalk Developer Tool

“Elastic Beanstalk” is a goofy-sounding term; something that, at best, belongs in a silly CG remake of the traditional Jack/beanstalk tale.  But nonetheless, that’s the name Amazon’s stuck to a new service, and the service does hold a lot of promise when it comes to developers, apps, and the Amazon Web Services cloud. Amazon explained… Continue reading Amazon Launches Elastic Beanstalk Developer Tool

Categorized as Cloud Tagged Discusses "Woodstock For Cloud Developers"

We wouldn’t count on there being any legendary musical acts, and for the sake of not seeing attendees get arrested en masse, we hope there won’t be much drug use.  But provided some details about an event called Cloudstock today, and claimed it’ll amount to Woodstock for cloud developers. To first cover the basics:… Continue reading Discusses "Woodstock For Cloud Developers"

VMware Introduces Cloud App Platform

Give another point to cloud computing advocates.  Yesterday, VMware demonstrated its support for their cause by introducing a cloud application platform, and developers should be pleased, because VMware has their interests at heart in addition to its own. A formal release issued by the company explained that this move should allow “developers to build and… Continue reading VMware Introduces Cloud App Platform

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Devs Pick Google As Top Cloud Provider

Google is viewed as the leader for setup, infrastructure and application management in a public cloud and IBM is the top choice of developers for private clouds, according to a new survey from Evans Data Corporation. Over 40 percent of developers cited Google as the public cloud leader and almost 30 percent identified IBM as… Continue reading Devs Pick Google As Top Cloud Provider

Dialogic Launches Cloud Dev Network

Dialogic has launched its InCloud9 network, a free, cloud-based developer network aimed at making it easier for developers to test Dialogic products while building new applications. The inCloud9 network provides application developers with access to products, technical documentation and support for creating innovative new voice and video-enabled value-added services, without requiring local server hardware or… Continue reading Dialogic Launches Cloud Dev Network