July 21, 2017

Yet Another Year in Review Article: ASP .NET

January 7, 2011 Michael Marr

A long time ago, in likely this very galaxy, a clever journalist had a looming deadline somewhere around late December or early January. With management standing above and breathing down his neck, this journalist created the first ever Year in Review article. Since that time, the art of the Year […]

Don't be a Laggard! Explore ASP .NET 4.0

December 17, 2010 Michael Marr

It’s been more than half a year since the release of ASP .NET 4.0. Following the diffusion of innovations model, we’re likely way past the Innovators and Early Adopters. The question, is, how much of the Early Majority has begun using ASP .NET 4.0, and how much longer until your […]

Develop .NET Applications on Linux

December 3, 2010 Michael Marr

Although the combination of Apple and open source continue to take market share from Microsoft on a daily basis, Microsoft is still king of the castle. The slower, less capable, Internet Explorer still reigns supreme on a majority of lists for most popular browser. Despite capable free alternatives from Google […]

ASP.NET Model-View-Controller Framework 3 Release Candidate Available

November 19, 2010 Taylor Gillespie

The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern continues to prove itself so invaluable at separating and decoupling domain concerns thirty years after its conception, that companies are still implementing it on top of their platforms. Microsoft originally released the Community Technological Preview of their MVC framework for ASP.NET at the end of 2007, […]

WebMatrix and Razor, a Refrain of Classic ASP, PHP

October 29, 2010 Taylor Gillespie

Over the summer, Microsoft released a beta version of it’s WebMatrix product and the Razor templating engine. As developers try it out and test it, they are finding the combination a nostalgic throwback to the arguably better, but simpler, method of in-lining .NET code into the HTML page. This is […]

Microsoft .NET Wins Developer Survey

April 30, 2010 Doug Caverly

If you haven’t given Microsoft .NET a try, do so.  Evans Data Corporation surveyed 425 developers, and found that Microsoft .NET was rated the best overall framework when everything was said and done. Apparently Google’s App Engine and Web Toolkit came in just behind Microsoft .NET, so developers who favor […]

ASP.net AJAX framework

February 17, 2010 Staff

I am primarily a Linux guy, so I didn’t know about this until recently. Microsoft has released an AJAX toolkit. ASP.NET AJAX is the free Microsoft AJAX framework for building highly interactive and responsive web applications that work across all popular browsers. The ASP.NET AJAX framework includes Server-Side ASP.NET AJAX, […]

.NET Framework’s Successes And Failures Reviewed

December 18, 2009 Doug Caverly

The Microsoft .NET Framework is about ten years old (at least using a bit of rounding and working from the date it was first announced), and so as we approach the end of this decade, one expert chose to consider whether it’s lived up to Microsoft’s expectations.  The answer mostly […]

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