July 21, 2017

Benefits of Working with Microsoft Partners

May 6, 2011 Joe Purcell

Whatever your Microsoft service need is, working with a company that has achieved Microsoft Gold, or Silver, competency status will ensure you the best service. These Microsoft Partners have numerous benefits that enable them to provide the best quality and support. So what is a Microsoft Partner? Companies that provide […]

The Community ASP.NET Needs

April 8, 2011 Michael Marr

The last few of my articles have been focused on some of the maneuvers Microsoft is pulling to improve and repair the ASP.NET brand. As eluded to in these articles, these decisions made by Microsoft are aimed at the developers. If Microsoft is able to build an active set of […]

Examining ASP.NET Developers Disease

March 25, 2011 Michael Marr

Alexander Beletsky recently discussed his frustration with what he has dubbed "ASP.NET developers disease". Alexander classifies this disease as the separation of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from web development. With the creation of WebForms in ASP, Visual Basic programmers were easily able to create web applications. However, this was a […]

Microsoft Seeks to Repair Years of Damage

March 11, 2011 Michael Marr

The tune has definitely changed in Redmond over the last few years. When Linux began to gain traction as a viable and even superior alternative to Unix and Windows NT, Microsoft’s stance was clear: Linux is inferior. As the open-source community thrived, alternatives to other Windows products began to sprout […]

Will ASP .NET Be The Back-End Language Of Choice For HTML5?

February 25, 2011 Michael Marr

HTML5 is one of those buzzwords that actually bears actual relevance to web developers. With cross-platform, cross-industry, cross-community, and cross-corporation support, HTML5 will likely become the quickest web standard to ever be adopted. Although it is wise to be wary of quickly adopting a new web technology, HTML5 may be […]

ASP.NET Open Source CMS Market Improving

February 11, 2011 Michael Marr

The open source tandem of PHP and MySQL have long dominated the Open Source CMS market. The big players of WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal have been integral parts of this PHP/MySQL advantage. However, the past few months have brought about many improvements to existing ASP.NET based content management systems as […]

Microsoft Releases IIS 7.5 Express

January 21, 2011 Doug Caverly

Thanks to a new move on Microsoft’s part, ASP.NET development may get cheaper and easier (again).  This week, Microsoft released Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 Express, a tool that’s supposed to help developers build and run ASP.NET sites and applications. Here’s part of the official overview highlighting its advantages: “IIS […]

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