July 23, 2017

Learn To Run ASP.NET 5 Apps With Docker

February 6, 2015 Chris Crum

Last fall, Microsoft announced a Docker partnership and Windows Server and Azure integrations. The company recently put up a blog postabout running ASP.NET 5 apps in Linux containers with Docker. It says it’s actively working on making apps written in ASP.NET 5 easy to desploy and ship in Linux and […]

Elmah.MVC NuGet Package Released

September 9, 2011 Joe Purcell

ELMAH stands for Error Logging Modules And Handlers (ELMAH). As Scott Hanselman puts it, “ELMAH is Tivo for your ASP.NET Errors.” Alexander Beletsky made changes and wrote a how-to on installing it. ELMAH’s recent release on NuGet makes it that much easier. Atif Aziz developed ELMAH in 2004 under the […]

ASP.NET Control Gallery

August 26, 2011 Joe Purcell

ASP.NET’s Control Gallery is a directory of almost 1,000 controls and components for applications. The gallery has tools for charting and messaging to ecommerce and content management. The categories of the gallery include: AJAX Toolkit Controls (44) Charting Controls (102) Bar Charts (26) Line Charts (24) Pie Charts (22) Community […]

How to Make an ASP Calendar

August 12, 2011 Joe Purcell

ASP.NET has some great features, among them being able to make a calendar. Many frameworks either lack the ability to make a calendar or it is rather complicated. Let’s take a look at just how easy it is to do in ASP. A basic example, as shown on W3Schools, looks […]

ASP.NET MVC 4 Roadmap Published

July 15, 2011 Joe Purcell

Immediately after the publication of ASP.NET MVC 3 in January of this year work was underway towards developing the next release. The high-level roadmap for MVC 4 was published Wednesday, though the author notes the plan will likely change due to customer feedback. Which, is exactly why it was released–to […]

Web Standards Update Brings HTML 5 Support

June 27, 2011 Taylor Gillespie

A team within Microsoft recently released an update for Visual Studio 2010 that incorporates support for HTML5 with Intellisense enhancements HTML5 elements and CSS3 declarations. We have reported that ASP.Net would be a good choice for writing HTML5 sites, and Microsoft confirmed a similar roadmap for HTML5 at MIX11; but […]

ASP.net versus PHP: Common Facepalm Moments

June 10, 2011 Michael Marr

Pirates versus Ninjas, Determinism versus Freewill, Dogs versus Cats, Chicken versus Egg, TOE-mato versus TA-mato, and ASP versus PHP are all classic debates. However, as these debates have grow in popularity, so has the inclusion of illogical and otherwise poorly formed arguments. These stances have made some of these classic […]

How to Add Bing Search to Your Site

May 27, 2011 Joe Purcell

Have you ever been to a website to look for something, but you have no idea where to look, and you wished they had a search bar? Well, adding a search bar in ASP is easy enough with Bing. Sign up for an application ID and build the request and […]

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