Nexage Platform Reaches Milestone

Nexage a provider of mobile advertising tools for publishers and app developers, has announced it has reached 100 percent uptime for more than one year on its platform. Nexage products work across mobile web sites and BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, and Android applications, processing ~4 Billion impressions monthly. While the platform’s scalability has been documented in… Continue reading Nexage Platform Reaches Milestone

AdMarvel Launches Ad Platform For Verizon Devs

AdMarvel has launched a mobile advertising platform for the Verizon Devloper Community. AdMarvel provides software developer kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) to developers for Android and BlackBerry operating systems. This platform also offers developers and publishers the unique capability to source and serve their own advertising, including house ads, to cross-promote and cross-sell… Continue reading AdMarvel Launches Ad Platform For Verizon Devs

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Verizon To Allow Developers To Put Ads In Apps

Verizon Wireless said today it will allow developers to choose from multiple solutions if they want to incorporate advertising into their applications. The Advertising Development Center, which will be available through the Verizon Developer Community (VDC) portal, will provide developers a portfolio of options, information, services and tools to help them make the most informed… Continue reading Verizon To Allow Developers To Put Ads In Apps

iAds Said To Mean $825M For Devs

Apple’s iAds may make a lot of developers considerably wealthier, according to a new forecast.  A professional analyst has estimated, in fact, that that developers will earn more $800 million in 2010 alone thanks to iAds. Jason Ankeny reported late last week, “Apple’s forthcoming iAd mobile advertising effort could yield developer revenues reaching $825 million… Continue reading iAds Said To Mean $825M For Devs

FlickTruck and The Future of Advertising

CES is known for its new and innovative ideas and WebProNews got to check out one of the coolest inventions for advertising yet, called FlickTruck. Flicktruck wanted to take the idea of rolling advertisements to the next level, so they created it to display full video. It uses 3 projectors and super high resolution, known… Continue reading FlickTruck and The Future of Advertising