Car Content Box

Lets start, Click on Pen Tools ( P ) and then make some shape like this :
content box tutorial
Go to Layer > Layer Style and Select Gradient Overlay and then make the below changes in the Gradient Overlay :
Select Stroke in the Layer Style Menu and then make the below changes in the Stroke:
Click on Ellipse Tools ( U ) and then make some shapes like this :
Change the backgrount color to hard blue color, see the below example :
Get a picture i chose a motor car thumbnail and then add a Stroke with 2px White.
Write any thing over on the first shape, see the below example, and give stroke with 1px black to the text :
Write any description etc at the right side near the car, see the below example :
Click on Rounded Shape Tools and make a shape at bottom and give the same Gradient Overlay and Stroke which you give to the first shape.
At last write any thing at the bottom, see the below example, and that’s it you’r finished.
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