Need Inspiration? How About Coffee To Wake You Up?!

Give Your Mind A Jolt With This Coffee Cup Tutorial!

Lets start off Making the top of the coffee cup.

Make a rounded rectangle. (Mine is on black background so you can see it better)

Go to Edit > Transform > Perspective. Drag the top two corners inward.

Next, take your elipse tool and draw a thin oval right above your rectangle. Just move your oval down until you get the slighty rounded top like mine:

Ok, now take your rectangle tool again. This time, draw one on the bottom. And again, go to Edit > Transform > Perspective and drag the two top corners inward. You will get the basic shape, you can always go back later and tweak the shapes a little more to get them exact.

And once again, take your rounded rectangle tool and make a small one in between the two you just made. You can space them out to make them look right.

Merge the rectangle layers. Add the following Layer Styles:

You should have something simliar to this:

Now we will make the actual cup. Take out your rectangle tool again. Make a vertical rectangle, and again go to Edit > Transform > Perspective, and move the bottom two in:

Time for some color and texture, this is what I used:

You should have:

Put the two images together:

Now time to add some decortation and text to the cup.

First, Lets make another coffee cup, only this time it is a mug.

First, take your ellispe tool and hold shift to make a perfect cirle. Now take your marquee tool and make a selection of the top of the circle (you want it a little above the half way mark), cut this part off:

That will leave you with this:

Now take your elipse tool again and make a thin oval above the mug. You will want it a little bit longer than your mug:

Scoot it down to the top of the mug:

And again, take your elipse tool and make an even smaller oval “inside” your mug, this will be our actual coffee. (I made mine a dark brown)

Almost done with the mug. Now we just need a handle.

To make this easy, I used the elipse tool also. Create a small oval. Now with your marquee tool, create another small oval inside the one you just made, this will be the part we cut out. Just
make that oval and press delete. Now, move your circle over to your mug. See, we have a handle!

Merge your mug layer with your handle layer.

Now add some effects to that top oval of the mug. Use these settings:

Add these effects:

This is what you should have:

So just move your mug over to your other cup. Add some texture like you did on the first cup. Also, I took my dodge tool and went right down the middle to make it have a slight glare like the rest of the image.

Next I added my text.

Then, I made some drops. I drew out the drop with my paintbrush
and used these settings:

I also added a stroke to my cup.

And thats it!

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