Can Apple Become A Gaming Powerhouse?

It’s never been a secret that Mac users have always gotten the raw end of the deal when it comes to PC gaming. Very few developers give the Mac the time of day that it rightfully deserves. Now that video games have turned into the behemoth market that it has, can Apple change their fortune? My answer is that it looks like they might already be starting.

Fieldrunners, an iPhone Game App Was Rated #9 On Time’s Top 10 Video Games Of The Year

What might surprise most readers, is that Apple isn’t succeeding with gaming through their desktops, but their handsets. The iPhone and iPod Touch to be exact. I checked the App Store this morning, and over 2,800 games have already been added to the App Store. What remains to be seen is just how many are actually successful.

What is readily apparent is how many mainstream developers have been investing in developing games for the iPhone. SEGA, released Super Monkey Ball within a week of the App Store’s launch. Before this it had been exclusive to only gaming handhelds, and consoles. One of my favorite gaming franchises, “Sim City” will be seeing the original version ported to the iPhone.

The question that remains to be seen; is that if more developers are investing resources for the iPhone, will that translate to the Mac desktops? Only time will tell, but I see a bright future for gaming through Apple’s portable products.

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