Burnt Scroll Navigation Bar

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make a very nice burnt scroll navigation set.
Burnt Scroll Navigation Result - Photoshop Tutorial


First start by opening this stock photo I found on YotoPhoto.
If you can’t be bothered making an account on sxc, you can just download the image from here.
All credit goes to brokenarts for this great stock photo.


Open the stock photo in Photoshop, be careful though, it’s huge!
After opening the stock photo, get the Magic Wand Tool and set the following settings:
Magic Wand Tool and Settings - Photoshop Tutorial
With the Magic Wand Tool selected, click on the white outside area of the stock photo.
Outside Area Selected
Invert the selection then copy and paste the scroll onto a new layer. Fill the layer below with black (#000000.) If there is white around the outside of the scroll, be sure you’re on the scroll layer then go to Layer > Matting > Remove White Matte.
Before and After Removing Matte - Photoshop Tutorial
After Removing Matte - Photoshop Tutorial
Note that the above image is zoomed out to 12.5%.

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