Boxee Box To Change The Way We View Television

The Boxee Box left CES 2010 with 4 awards safely in tow, including “Best of CES”. Mike McDonald dropped by the Boxee Box booth to check out the device.

At it’s core, The Box is a media player designed to utilize the convenience of users’ televisions. The device connects wirelessly or wired to a network, and organizes all the media found. Which in turn, is available for viewing on a variety of screens and monitors. Along with physical media, the device scans certain places on the internet for publicly streamed shows, and news feeds, bringing them all directly to a television set.

The Box comes with a standard remote control, which can also double as a QWERTY keyboard allowing for optimal web browsing.

The Boxee Box is schedule for a May release, and will retail for around $200.

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