Boring Picture? Enhance It With Photoshop!

We are going to combine several pictures to make one. It is easy and gives you a chance to play around and enhance photos.

First, we will pick out our pictures.

Ok. Let’s start with:

First, I took the burn tool and darkened just a little bit of the top of the sky. I tried to avoid going over the clouds and just darkened up the blue slightly.

Next, we will change her hair. Instead of painting the hair ourselves, we’ll just take it from other photo.

To get her hair, I used the magnetic lasso tool. I just made my selection around her hair and moved it to my original picture.

It will look like this :

Lets give her slightly more tan skin. Just use your burn tool again and go over her back, legs, and arms.

Next, lets add the grass on the side.

For the picture I used, I wanted to grass going in the other direction than the original photo. So, open it, go to image > rotate canvas > flip canvas horizontal.

Crop what you want of it, then paste it onto your main picture. You will have to go through using your magic wand and eraser to try to get as much as the picture that doesn’t contain the grass gone. You can tell on mine where all of that part isn’t erased yet:

After that, it’s time to add the palm tree.

Crop out the part you want (in this case the top) and move it to your main picture. Take the magic wand tool and erase to get rid of all of the sky, just like you did with the grass.

So far you should have:

Next, I don’t really like the way the green mountain looks a little muted.

So, I found a similar picture to replace it with:

I rotated the picture horizontally, then I cropped part of it out.

I placed this on my main picture, erased it to fit the same size and shape as my original mountain. (To make this easier, I reduce the opacity of my new mountain drastically, so I can see the old behind it, once erased, I bring the opacity back up.) See the difference:

So far, you should have something similar to:

Now let’s add some more effects to the picture.

First up, inner shadow with these settings:

Then just a slight stroke:

Your picture will now look like this:

Next, we are going to add another fun effect. We are going to add a kinda of glossy glass effect to the outside.

Duplicate your layer with your main picture. Now, click on the bottom layer, and expand the size. You can do however much you would like, I did just a little a tad on each side. You could leave it like this if you wanted, but I am going to add some texture.

I brightened up this bottom layer to about 25. And I left the contrast.

Now go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur :

Next, go to Filter > Distort > Glass:

You should have:

Don’t worry about the outside, we are going to cover that up anyways.

Next, find a frame you like. I picked this one:

Just open it, and move it to your main picture. Take your magic wand tool and
delete the white middle of the frame. Position your frame to cover up the stroke
on the outside. That’s it!

Final picture:

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