Book Review: Ajax Bible

The Ajax Bible is like many of the other Bible books. They start out fairly simple but ramp up into more complex concepts fairly quickly. If you are reading the book as a beginner in Ajax, you may have some difficulty understanding some of the concepts in the book, but if you are an experienced web developer, you shouldn’t have many problems with the content. For me, I normally use the Bible book are reference books because they give lots of examples so you can see how functions are used in code.

The Ajax Bible does have a chapter on JavaScript, but if you don’t have a full grasp of that you do not need to be reading this book. The JavaScript chapter in my opinion is more of a refresher course for those who have been using JavaScript and want to get into Ajax. It says in this chapter that it gives you everything you need to know about JavaScript in it, but I think its a little hard to leave everything about JaveSript in just one chapter. I would recommend getting a JavaScript reference book to help you through the book. Even if the function you are using is in the chapter, I lose my place flipping back and forth in a book.

In conclusion, I find the Ajax Bible a good book. It gives plenty of examples and well thought out explanations on how to use them.

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