Blue Render Material (Cinema 4D)

Can’t figure out how in the world to make a good looking material for your render in C4D? Well in this tutorial I will show you how to make a professional material you can use for all of your 3D renders.

1. Open C4D and load your render that you want to use.
Next towards the bottom of the render go to File>New Material.

2. Now if you have the same version as me witch is Release 9 it will be the same steps as what I’m doing any older will be a little different.
Click all the following Properties. Color, Diffusion, Luminance, Transparency, Reflection, and Specular.

3. Now after you do that, find the settings and click on Color.

4. Here is where we begin this, click on the arrow pointing right next to the word Texture and select Gradient.

Double click on the Gradient that you see and change the colors to this.

Now go back and on the Color tab change Mix Strength to 90%

Go to the Diffusion tab now, and enter the following.

We are done here now go to Luminance, click the arrow by texture again and go to Effects>Lumas

Now add the following choose what ever colors you want but make sure the Lumas color is darker than the other color. To change the color click on the orb and go to Shadder, and all 3 Spectulars.

Onto Transparency just add the following.

On the Reflection just leave it. Also leave Specular, and for Illumination you also leave that alone.

You are now done now to put the material onto the render.
Click and hold the layer and drag it onto your render layer.

After that just upload your render and to do so I will also give you a tutorial on Rendering.

First thing to do is click on Render> Render Settings

Now go to Output and add whatever the size you want the render to be.

Onto Save. To make this transparent there is a few ways to do it but I will show you the PSD way.

Now Antialising add the following.

And you are now done just exit out of that and go to Render>Render to Picture Viewer and wait until its finished and save it.

Final Result.

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