Bioware Cofounder Leery Of Big Titles

The average developer probably shouldn’t plan on seeing his name splashed across some 50″ plasma TV thanks to his work on a PlayStation or Xbox game, according to the cofounder of Bioware.  Greg Zeschuk thinks that field is becoming small and almost impossible to enter.

“Right now it’s precisely the wrong thing to chase,” Zeschuk said at the Develop conference according to Keith Stuart.  “The opportunities there are getting narrower – it’s like turning out a big Hollywood blockbuster [] at some level the innovation, the risk-taking is disappearing on the publishing side.  The middle has dropped out of the market.  It’s the top ten games that are making all the money now.”

Stuart then wrote, “[Zeschuk] suggested that studios should now be exploring the myriad of opportunities in online gaming – including Flash and browser-based titles, as well as social networking games.  Development at this level, he asserted, is sustainable, which invites innovation.”

That’s interesting advice coming from the cofounder of one of the top game companies in existence.  Paranoid individuals might suspect he’s trying to derail competitors, but otherwise, it’s hard to imagine how anyone would have a better understanding of the industry.

Game developers should perhaps consider setting their sights a little lower, then.  Or getting a job at a place like Bioware.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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