BestSkinsEver iPhone 3G Skin Review

With InvisibleShield asking $25 for their full body skin, the $7.99 (was $5.99 when I bought mine) that BestSkinsEver asks seems extremely reasonable. Combined with Zagg’s 2 week shipping delay (reportedly no longer in effect), the choice seems almost obvious. The question now is, are you sacrificing quality for cost?

iPhone 3G BestSkinsEver Review

The first difference I noticed is the three piece construction of the BSE skin. Instead of a single back piece like the Invisible Shield uses, it has two pieces, one for the top half and one for the bottom. I’m entirely unsure why they did this and I really don’t like it. It made application more difficult and made my final product look worse. This is a design flaw as far as I’m concerned.

Application was fairly easy, but not as easy as InvisibleShield. Instead of providing a spray bottle of the solution, you have to make your own. I put water in a saucepan and a thumbnail of soap in, as specified by the instructions. Following all the instructions, things went mostly according to plan. The corners were a real pain, because they didn’t want to stay down, but it shares the same corner design as the Invisibleshield so you aren’t getting out of that one no matter which brand you choose.

BestSkinsEver iPhone 3G Review

My front looks great, but I wish it wasn’t so glossy. That’s a feature, not a flaw, but I prefer the anti-glare/matte screen protectors. I will be purchasing one to replace the Bestskinsever front. The back was not so lucky, with several air bubbles. I attacked them with a credit card but they were persistent. That’s the nature of the product, so be very precise in your application to avoid this.

I will keep the conclusion fairly brief for those who have skimmed to this point. BestSkinsEver are made of the same material as the InvisibleShield and offer the same protection. Where they differ is in the design, presentation and ease of use. BSE requires you to download the application instructions in a PDF from their website and make your own solution, where Zagg sends an elaborate box with instructions, a little squeegee and the application solution.

BestSkinsEver iPhone 3G

Are these little perks worth $20 more? Probably not, especially since you’ll be waiting at least a month to get your Invisibleshield with the current delays. If you prefer a seamless back and somewhat easier application, go for the IS. If you’re willing to put in a little more effort to save $20, go with the BSE. They’ll both protect your new phone nicely.

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