Best Way To SuperImpose Yourself Into a Photo

There’s a whole lot of bad superimposing out there in the world of Photoshop. If you’d like to learn some techniques to better place yourself into a photo, then this is a good tutorial to have a gander at.

Just for kicks and giggles, we’re going to use George Bush as our base photo.

picture 1

Now, we need to find us a picture that looks like will be usable. Let’s use this young fella right here.

picture 2

Grab your polygon lasso tool and cut him out from the picture.

picture 3

then drag him to over to the George Bush photo.

picture 4

Now, grab your polygon lass tool yet again, and trace around George Bush. Right click and select the ‘Layer via Copy’ selection. Then arrange the new layers so they go from this…

picture 5

to this

picture 6

With the kid being between the new cutout, and the background picture. Now, clean up any excess pixels on both the kid and GWB. When you have a clean looking image, you should be left with this…

picture 7

Ok, our kid looks like he’s kind of just sitting flat on top of the GWB image. To help him settle in, we’re going to create a shadow. First, create a duplicate layer of the kid. Here, I like to just use the distort tool exlusively and move the layer around into a position you like. Like so…

picture 9

Ok, now we’re going to add these settings to actually give it a shadow effect.

picture 11

picture 10

After those settings you should be left with this…

picture 12

Try using these various styles, and effects on other pictures.

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