Basic Blending Mode Tutorial Using Multiply

In this basic tutorial, I am going to turn water into Kool-Aid using the multiply blending option.

Here is the picture of a woman drinking water that I will begin with:

Now I will simply create a new layer by picking “New” and then “Layer” from the Layer menu.

Next, I will pick the color that I want to change the liquid to. In this case I will go with red.

I will then select the paintbrush and proceed to paint over the liquid on the new empty layer.

After I am done painting over the liquid, I will select multiply from the blending mode menu in the “Layers” window, located just under the “Layers” tab.

I will then turn down the fill (located below opacity on the right side of the “Layers” window).

What you end up is something like this:

Multiply is an often useful feature. It is good to exeperiment with the rest of the blending options in the menu as well.

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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