Bango Launches New SDK

Bango, a mobile analytics and payment company, has introduced a new version of its Bango Application Analytics.

The plug-and-play version give mobile developers a single, Software Development Kit (SDK) allowing app developers to get a standardized view of their app activity across all mobile platforms and channels.

The new version also fully integrates with Bango Payment and the new BlackBerry App World carrier billing, allowing developers to relate application usage to revenues generated from end user payments and ads.

“Bango has combined 11 years of mobile experience with award winning technology and global partnerships in order to take app analytics to a completely new level”, said Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango.

“With developers pursuing a mulch-channel distribution strategy across many app stores, Bango Analytics standardizes the tracking and reporting for all channels through the addition of one simple library”.

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By Mike Sachoff

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