All Developers Now Able To use Amazon AppStream

Last year, Amazon introduced AppStream as a way to help developers deliver applications to consumers through the cloud. The proposed benefit was that developers could deliver applications to consumers regardless of their hardware thanks to the application running on cloud servers. It’s been in beta since it was announced, but now it’s finally ready.

Mozilla Introduces Improved JPEG Compression, Preparing For Future

The JPEG has been around for more than 20 years now. When technology gets that old, you either take it out back or teach it some new tricks. Mozilla is opting for the latter even as it prepares for a future where the former is a reality. Mozilla announced Wednesday that it’s working on a new… Continue reading Mozilla Introduces Improved JPEG Compression, Preparing For Future

New Microbenchmarking Tool Released By Google

According to Google, you will rarely ever need to run microbenchmarks. Still, some developers will find it useful when they need to see if a piece of code they’re working on is truly worth it. While there are tools available to run microbenchmarks, Google thought it would be a good idea to make its own.

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New Developer Portal Launched By Amazon

Since its launch, developers have had to submit apps to the Amazon Appstore through a developer portal that has remained largely unchanged over the years. Change is good, however, and Amazon is approaching its developer portal with a change-centric mindset going into 2014.

Amazon Relates App Creation To Pizza

Have you developed a game for the Amazon Appstore? Perhaps your still on the fence? If so, Amazon has a new infographic that should help you understand why it thinks you should be developing for its platform.

New Website Created For Facebook Developers

For the longest time, developers of Facebook apps were met with the same ol’ Web site when they visited the official Facebook Developers portal. Now those same developers are in for a treat as Facebook has decided to give its developer portal a complete makeover.

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