July 23, 2017
Sean Corfield
About Sean Corfield
Sean is currently Chief Technology Officer for Railo Technologies US. He has worked in IT for over twenty five years, starting out writing database systems and compilers then moving into mobile telecoms and finally into web development in 1997. Along the way, he worked on the ISO and ANSI C++ Standards committees for eight years and is a staunch advocate of software standards and best practice. Sean has championed and contributed to a number of CFML frameworks and was lead developer on Fusebox for two years.

Flash Developer Take Aways From Adobe MAX 2010

November 5, 2010 Sean Corfield

Adobe MAX is always impressive. It offers unparalleled networking, fascinating exhibit hall booths and, for the last few years, excellent unconference sessions – all accessible on a $200 exhibits only pass. The general sessions are always well-rehearsed and theatrical, the sneak peeks interesting (with a cool special guest). This year […]

ColdFusion 9 Developer Tutorial Review

August 24, 2010 Sean Corfield

Blame Twitter! I was a technical reviewer for the ColdFusion 8 version of this book and, looking back, I failed to blog about it – I just tweeted it. My bad. Then the ColdFusion 9 version appeared and again, I just tweeted about it.

Understanding Error handling In ColdBox

February 9, 2010 Sean Corfield

Since I spent quite a bit of time wrestling with this over the last week, I figured this blog post may help others. First off, a caveat: I’m running the latest version of ColdBox 3.0.0 from SVN which is “almost” Beta 4 and the details of error handling have changed […]

How To Improve Your CFSCRIPT

January 25, 2010 Sean Corfield

One of the new features in Adobe’s ColdFusion 9 release that has excited a lot of developers is the broad range of enhancements to CFML’s “other” language: CFSCRIPT. In the past, I’ve been very disparaging about CFSCRIPT and I’ve gone so far as to say in several public – and […]

Why Static Methods For ColdFusion Fail

January 12, 2010 Sean Corfield

This cropped up on the TDD mailing list and it made me smile so I wanted to share it along with some commentary. A fairly common request from folks in the CF community is for “static” methods (and data members) to be added to CFML. Folks look at Java, think […]