AJAX Debugging

Debugging ajax has will always be difficult because of its mixture of JavaScript and other languages, but there are a few ways to make your debugging go a lot smoother and less stressful. Firebug My personal favorite is an add-on for firefox, it is called firebug. Best of all, it is cross platform so if… Continue reading AJAX Debugging

Book Review: Ajax Bible

The Ajax Bible is like many of the other Bible books. They start out fairly simple but ramp up into more complex concepts fairly quickly. If you are reading the book as a beginner in Ajax, you may have some difficulty understanding some of the concepts in the book, but if you are an experienced… Continue reading Book Review: Ajax Bible

A great way to learn.

Google has released an online course for the study in current computing technologies and paradigm called the Google Code University. It has examples and tutorials for the study of many different languages, including Ajax. The course is free and appears to be very robust. Google Code University

Yahoo Developer Network

As with the Google APIs, the Yahoo Developer Network APIs has a great deal of functionality. Some of the most popular APIs are the Search APIs, Flickr API, and Maps APIs. They also have an extensive documentation on how to implement the APIs and how to use them. Before you start, you will need to… Continue reading Yahoo Developer Network