July 21, 2017
Michael Marr
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Michael Marr is a staff writer for WebProNews

Optimizing MySQL: The Slow Query Log

January 31, 2012 Michael Marr

I prescribe to the slow and steady approach in life. It’s a proven methodology in becoming succesful (just ask the Tortoise and/or the Hare). However, slow and steady is typically not acceptable in data computation, and SQL is no different. Thus, MySQL provides a Slow Query Log. Do you use […]

The Cost of NoSQL

January 4, 2012 Michael Marr

NoSQL solutions are now vital to many applications. When evaluating the use of NoSQL in new projects or upgrades to existing projects, project managers should take close examination of the potentially hidden costs of NoSQL. Have you experienced some hidden costs in your NoSQL implementation? Let us know in the […]

How-to Sort by Order in List

December 9, 2011 Michael Marr

The power of SQL is that we are able to construct queries to find specific sets of data based on criteria. For example, if we have a database for a pound, we might query “Find me all the brown dogs.” The result from this query would return how many brown […]

ASP.net versus PHP: Common Facepalm Moments

June 10, 2011 Michael Marr

Pirates versus Ninjas, Determinism versus Freewill, Dogs versus Cats, Chicken versus Egg, TOE-mato versus TA-mato, and ASP versus PHP are all classic debates. However, as these debates have grow in popularity, so has the inclusion of illogical and otherwise poorly formed arguments. These stances have made some of these classic […]

3 Fixes to Land That Next Web Development Project

April 27, 2011 Michael Marr

A third of 2011 has passed us by. It’s safe to assume that many of us have already forgotten our New Years resolutions – guilty as charged. However, there’s no better time to make new resolutions than the present. Web developers, as a whole, often get a bad reputation in […]

A (Background) Refreshing Use of XML

April 12, 2011 Michael Marr

There are countless things powered by XML documents. One of these things is a slide show background feature in Gnome, the GUI that powers many Linux distributions. With this feature, you can setup your desktop backgrounds to automatically change at specified intervals. It’s a pretty spiffy feature. Equally impressive, however, […]

The Community ASP.NET Needs

April 8, 2011 Michael Marr

The last few of my articles have been focused on some of the maneuvers Microsoft is pulling to improve and repair the ASP.NET brand. As eluded to in these articles, these decisions made by Microsoft are aimed at the developers. If Microsoft is able to build an active set of […]

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