Encrypted Disk Images without Filevault

When I upgraded my macbook to Leopard last year, I was really quite surprised to discover that Time Machine and FileVault really don’t work well together. The thought of having my laptop stolen is traumatic enough, without also having to worry about someone sifting through my finances, bank statements and other personal files. Until Leopard,… Continue reading Encrypted Disk Images without Filevault

5 Free Mac Browsers

click for larger view 1. Safari Safari comes preinstalled on your Mac, and claims to be the fastest browser in the world, thanks to the new SquirrelFish javascript engine inside the latest WebKit, it really does fly when it comes to websites based heavily on modern javascript frameworks like Sproutcore and jQuery. Arguably, part of… Continue reading 5 Free Mac Browsers

Mobile [Me]ager

I was glad to hear that Steve Jobs is almost as disappointed with Mobile Me as I was. My municipal wifi connection slowed to a crawl during the final weeks of my stay in Bangkok (so much so, that it was like being back in 1992 all over again!), to the point where Mail.app lost… Continue reading Mobile [Me]ager

Google Chrome

A few short days after posting a Scott McCloud penned comic to the Google blog, yesterday saw a Windows only beta release of the shiny new Google Chrome browser. Since it is based largely on code from Apple’s Webkit and Mozilla’s Firefox it’s a great shame not to also see a simultaneous release for Linux… Continue reading Google Chrome

Ad-Hoc Airport Networking

Today, I’m going to sing the praises of the Apple’s rather wonderful Airport Express, the road-warriors best friend. And particularly some of the holes it has helped dig me out of as I travel the world with my fiance. I still have the original with no 802.11n capability, because it has survived 2 laps of… Continue reading Ad-Hoc Airport Networking

Google Gears for Safari

Even though Google hasn’t been giving Mac users as much love as they could have done, since they made their bid for world domination only 2 short weeks ago. Today, at least, everyone is catching on that a Safari compatible Google Gears was released for webkit a few days ago. You’ll need either 10.4.11+ or… Continue reading Google Gears for Safari