AT&T To Open Four Dev Facilities

App developers near Palo Alto, San Francisco, Plano (Texas), and Tel Aviv (Israel) may soon get an interesting opportunity to work with AT&T.  AT&T is supposed to open centers in those spots through which it can collaborate with developers.

Nifty, right?  Then what makes this a potentially amazing opportunity is the fact that Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital, two of the best-known venture capital firms in the world, are supposed to be involved and lend support.

So here’s what everyone’s looking for: Peter Hill, a vice president of ecosystem and innovations at AT&T, told Timothy Hay, “These do not have to be simple iPhone apps.  We are interested in general software, platforms, back-office applications and enterprise software.”

Hay also reported that “the carrier hopes the four centers will be able to collectively review 400 application companies per year, and help to develop six to eight promising ideas annually out of each of the centers.”

Good luck making the cut if you decide to try to get involved.  This definitely represents an amazing opportunity for app developers interested in cooperating with AT&T.

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By Doug Caverly

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