ASUS – Products of the Future

Most products shown off at CES are centered around the actual release of a product. ASUS instead displayed products of the future. These proof-of-concept displays are within technical reality, but are far from mass release. The technology is called Waveface, and could provide stellar advancements in computing technology.

Three devices were shown off using Waveface, the first being Waveface Casa. This large TV-like display acts as an advanced media center. It has remote control touch screen capabilities, meaning you don’t actually have to touch it to navigate. The device is also able to hide itself when not in use.

The second concept is the Waveface Light, and acts much like a notebook. It has two forms of use, first it can fold flat and be used as a touch screen display. It can then be folded upright and used much like a traditional notebook.

The Waveface Ultra is perhaps the most advanced device shown, and could provide huge strides in mobile technology. The device is a flex form mobile handset, which can strap around the wrist or straighten out like a mobile phone.

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