Assembla Illustrates Locations Of Software Developers

Sometimes, when an individual’s trying to be creative, it helps to be surrounded by similar people and toss around interesting ideas.  Or, like some hermit of a writer locking himself in a cabin until a novel’s finished, you may prefer to be alone.  Either way, a new report from Assembla concerning the location of developers should help.

Assembla, which provides different tools and services to developer, put Google Analytics to work to see where its users live.  Assembla’s a pretty diverse company, by the way, with about 33 percent in 10 different countries.

So on to the findings.  Andy Singleton, President of Assembla, wrote on the Assembla Blog, “North America has the most visitors, but the share is only 29%.  After that comes Western Europe.  Google divides the old cold-war Western Europe into ‘Western,’ ‘Northern,’ and ‘Southern,’ but if we add them back together, we get 27%.  Then comes Eastern Europe, which contributes an outsized number of visits compared to its population.  The bulk of Assembla users (44%) are in Europe and Russia.”

Later, if you’re interested in a little more of a breakdown, Singleton added, “Top cities: Moscow 2.39%, London 1.86%, New York 1.59%, San Francisco 1.19%, Kyiv 1.08%, Chennai 0.86%, Paris 0.86%, Austin 0.84%.”

There’s a little bit of info to get you started if you’re looking to take a working vacation or relocate for good, then.  And plenty more’s available on the Assembla Blog.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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