versus PHP: Common Facepalm Moments

Pirates versus Ninjas, Determinism versus Freewill, Dogs versus Cats, Chicken versus Egg, TOE-mato versus TA-mato, and ASP versus PHP are all classic debates. However, as these debates have grow in popularity, so has the inclusion of illogical and otherwise poorly formed arguments. These stances have made some of these classic debates go on far too long, I mean, seriously, if you ever took more than five seconds to think about it, you’d KNOW that Ninjas > Pirates. Despite this acknowledgement of poorly formed reasoning in these classic debates, I still ended up with my face in my palm when coming across a recent “comparison” of and PHP.


To start off, be sure to recognize that, like all classic debates, the issues involved in versus PHP are complex and wide encompassing. I could dedicate a series of articles to debate the issue, but that’s not the purpose of this article. If you’re reading this article to find out what is better ( or PHP), then stop. You won’t find an answer here. What you will find, however, is a couple points that I will discredit and induce facepalms when you encounter them in the future.

Coding Style

Style, noun, – A way of behaving or approaching a situation that is characteristic of or favored by a particular person.

Coding style is a personal preference, so PLEASE stop bringing it up as a debate point. Debating personal preferences is, well, nothing to debate.

A better, relevant, debating point is the market for coders. Finding out what your market pays for versus PHP programmers is a much more logical way to examine the situation, and will actually assist you in making a decision.


I have had personal possessions stolen from my car before. Did they bust out my windows? No. Did they pick the lock? No. They simply went in my driveway in the middle of the night, opened the unlocked door, and walked off with a few dollars and my Skeelo “I Wish” cassette. Did my ’89 Buick Regal have poor security? No, not really. I just failed to lock my doors. Does locking the doors stop them from robbing me? Maybe. II could have had a car alarm and a guard dog, and they still could’ve gotten in if they wanted.

There will always been security issues with Server, as well as PHP/Linux. It’s the job of your IT/network admin to secure your servers, and the job of your programmers to write secure code. Having the latest technologies does little to secure anything if you fail to use it. Is one better than the other? Not really – but PHP often gets a bad rap because it’s open-source nature allows novices to use it without cost to them. These novices don’t properly secure their site and/or server, and thus you often see LAMP powered sites get hacked. A properly configured LAMP setup, however, is equally secure as a properly configured Windows Server running

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By Michael Marr

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