Twitter Conference May Occur On 4-14

Twitter developers shouldn’t yet start booking flights, but it might be a good idea for them to at least pencil something into their schedules.  Ashton Kutcher has claimed that Twitter’s first developer conference will be held on April 14th.

Yes, Kutcher’s the kid who hosted the show “Punk’d,” and all of the years he spent playing an idiot on “That 70’s Show” didn’t allow him to build up a lot of credibility before then.  Still, those details have been counterbalanced by some other facts.

Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote earlier today, “As Twitter’s #1 guy, as the founder of a high-profile social media marketing company hanging out on a reputation-based site, as someone whose answer got a thumbs up from Quora engineer Kevin Der . . . it seems highly likely that Kutcher knows and is telling the truth.”

So if you’re interested in attending Twitter’s first developer conference, try to keep April 14th free.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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