AppsFire Provides Encouraging Info On iOS App Trends

iPhone developers who live in fear of smartphone owners satisfying all their gaming/review-finding/weather-checking needs elsewhere may not have all that much to worry about.  Yesterday, AppsFire released data concerning iOS apps and Web apps, and it looks like native apps are popular by a huge margin.

A disclaimer: since these stats came from devices registered with AppsFire, there’s bound to be a bias in usage patterns.  Also, the sample size – around 1,000 devices – is perhaps a little small for some people’s liking.

Still, as explained in a blog post, AppsFire found, “Owners of iOS devices typically spend only 10% of their time in a mobile browser.  This encompasses both mobile web apps and regular web browsing, so usage of veritable mobile web apps is actually significantly less than 10%.  This is in stark contrast to the figure of 50% time spent in native apps, not including the default mail app and other typical telephony apps (mostly default, or pre-installed apps, but also including Skype).”

Then the post continued, “The median iOS user installs 88 apps to accompany the 20 pre-installed on the device,” and “[t]he market for paid apps is quite healthy: 23% of apps on a device are paid apps.”

So iPhone developers should have little trouble reaching potential users anytime in the near future.

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By Doug Caverly

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