Apple Unveils Developer Preview Of Mac OS X Lion

Any developers who are members of the Mac Developer Program and want to learn a little more about the next big version of the Mac operating system can now do so.  Today, Apple released a developer preview of Mac OS X Lion through the Mac App Store.

In the event you aren’t part of the program or don’t have time to fiddle with anything right now, we’ll at least talk through some of the highlights here.  The big three are known as “Mission Control,” “Launchpad,” and “Multi-Touch gestures.”

An official statement explained, “Mission Control is a powerful, entirely new feature that unifies Expose, Dashboard, Spaces, and full screen apps to give you a bird’s eye view of every app and window running on your Mac.  With a simple swipe, your desktop zooms out to display your open windows grouped by app, thumbnails of your full screen apps as well as your Dashboard, and allows you to instantly navigate anywhere with a click.”

As for Launchpad, it “makes it easier than ever to find and launch any app.  With a single click, Launchpad displays all your Mac apps in a stunning full screen layout where you can launch, re-order or organize apps into folders.  You can also arrange apps into multiple pages and swipe between them.”

Then hopefully the Multi-Touch gestures upgrade is self-explanatory.

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By Doug Caverly

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