Apple Releases iOS 4.1 Beta 2 To Devs

Apple developers have something new to play with (yet again).  Yesterday, Apple released another little scrap of data in the form of the iOS 4.1 Beta 2, so developers can now take a look at how it works and tinker some more with their apps.

Not a lot has been confirmed (or denied) yet – Apple did little besides release the beta, and most developers seem to have gone into isolation mode after getting their hands on the it.  But an AppleInsider article stated in response, “Most critically, the release is expected to include a fix for proximity sensor malfunctions on the iPhone 4.”

And that’s because, if you haven’t heard, “users have found that the touchscreen on their iPhone 4 will sometimes activate while on a call, resulting in accidentally pressed buttons that can place a call on hold or even end it and dial a different number almost instantaneously.”

So let’s hope that issue’s been resolved.  Maybe Apple has another fun surprise or two in store for developers, as well.

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By Doug Caverly

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