Apple Patents Scare App Developers

Even the most self-confident developer has to admit that a company like Apple, with all its resources and engineers, can one-up him (or her).  That’s why some app patents that appear to show Apple’s copying developers have a lot of people scared and/or upset.

Yesterday, patents surfaced showing apps that bear a starting (even complete) similarity to the existing “Where To,” “Ralph Lauren,” and “Guide You Amsterdam” apps.  Which made it easy for some people to conclude Apple was moving in on their business.

There are other explanations, though.  Alexia Tsotsis wrote, “Taking a closer look at what other homescreens were copied by Apple lends more validity to an argument brought up by Tumblr lead developer Marco Arment; Most likely the images . . . were used as examples of apps related to a much larger concept that wouldn’t put the developer out of business.”

We’ll let you decide what to make of the patents.  They may mean nothing at all, considering that many tech companies file tons of patents that are just left to collect dust afterward.

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By Doug Caverly

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