Apple iMac And MacBook Air To Get Retina Display?

Yesterday we brought you news that the 15-inch MacBook Pro might be getting a pretty significant refresh later this summer. The main features of this update were a thinner form factor, USB 3.0 technology, and, most notably, a retina display.

It turns out, though, that the MacBook Pro isn’t the only Mac getting in on the retina display action. After the news broke yesterday, ABC News heard from its own sources that the iMac would also be getting the retina display.

Not to be outdone, 9to5Mac, who broke the original story yesterday, did a little more source-mining, and learned that the MacBook Air will be getting a retina display, too. That, for those of you following along at home, means that all the major products in Apple’s Mac lineup – MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac – will be getting the same retina display treatment that the iPad got back in March.

Of course, there aren’t any real details yet, since Apple hasn’t actually announced anything. It’s not clear whether the retina display will be coming to all these computers in all their size variations, nor whether there will also be (cheaper) non-retina display models available, nor how much a retina display Mac will cost. Nevertheless, assuming these reports are accurate, then this year’s WWDC should offer quite a lot to look forward to.


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By Shaylin Clark

Shaylin Clark is a staff writer for WebProNews. Twitter: @stclark81, Google Plus: +Shaylin Clark