Apple Checks Developers' Satisfaction

Developers who aren’t thrilled with the app submission, review, and update process established by Apple have received a chance to voice their displeasure. Apple’s started surveying developers, asking them to share their experiences, and it stands to reason that the company might make changes as a result.

As noted by MG Siegler, the survey asks developers to rate their level of satisfaction with a number of things related to the App Store.  They’re also asked to answer the key question, “What one thing could Apple do to make the iPhone Developer Program better?”

This is a nice sign that Apple hasn’t grown too disdainful of developers’ opinions.  In the past, many developers have complained about being ignored or ordered around by the company’s representatives.

Let’s hope that a lot of positive changes are introduced in the near future as a result of the new survey.

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By Doug Caverly

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