App Indexing Was The Topic Of Discussion On The Youtube Series “Coffee with a Googler”

The Google Developers YouTube channel has a series called “Coffee with a Googler,” in which various Googlers share insights into various dev topics in a casual interview setting. The latest one focuses on what is one of Google’s newest mobile ranking signals – App Indexing.

App indexing gives businesses a new way to tell Google that their content should be ranking higher and to get their mobile apps in front of more users by way of the content within them. It’s something that many haven’t done yet, but more will thanks to the new opportunity Google is giving them.

Google Developer Advocate Laurence Moroney writes on the Google Developers Blog:

In this episode of Coffee with a Googler, Laurence meets with Jennifer Lin from the App Indexing team, who demonstrates the possibilities!

Jennifer shares that Google has indexed over 50 billion deep links into apps, with searches returning these links to users, taking them directly into your app. She shares how the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK saw a 22% boost in search impressions, and app users spent around 20% more time reading and sharing articles when they came in via a deep link from Search. Additionally, Tabelog, a premier restaurant review app and site in Japan, saw an increase of 9.6% in page views within their app, and a 63% increase in Search impressions after adding their app to the index.

You can find Google’s App Indexing site here. Our ongoing coverage of App Indexing-related news is available here.

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