Apigee Offers Tools To Twitter Devs

Congrats, developers who are working with the Twitter API; courtesy of Apigee (which is in turn backed by Sonoa Systems), you’ll now have new analytics, monitoring, debugging, and testing tools at your disposal.

Apigee is considered a lifecycle platform for developers, and Sam Ramji, the vice president of strategy for Sonoa, explained this move in a statement by saying, “We’re working to make Apigee ‘a better way to API,’ and by launching Apigee for Twitter we’re focusing on providing great tools to a vibrant community of developers.”

It should be noted that they’re providing the tools free of charge, too, which is always a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, the Apigee dashboard has received positive reviews, with aspects of it getting compared to the omnipresent Google Analytics.

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By Doug Caverly

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