Android's Flea Market Faulted

In some circles, flea markets don’t enjoy the greatest reputation.  Indeed, flea markets are sometimes regarded as places where shoppers are apt to pick up real, live bugs.  And one industry expert believes the Android Market has come to resemble a flea market at least in terms of being disorganized and containing lots of broken stuff.

Barry O’Neill recently provided the following information: “Just 21% of Android users purchase one or more paid apps per month, compared with 50% of iPhone users.  Where this gets unusual is that of the 21% of Android users purchasing one or more apps, the average number of apps purchased is 5.  That is 1.4 more apps per month than the equivalent iPhone user!”

O’Neill then continued, “I conclude therefore that a large proportion of Android users simply cannot purchase and download paid for apps to their phone.  I blame Google and its appallingly poor management of the Android market.  Despite having a Google Checkout account I still cannot see, never mind purchase paid apps.  Of the free apps I see, many infringe the IP of others and many more simply fail to download or don’t work on my specific device.”

So if you’re an Android developer, an investigation – possibly followed by some pleas to Google – may be in order.  Retailers spend lots of money to keep their stores neat on the theory that it helps sales, and an improved Android Market could have the same effect.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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