Android Developers Union Forms

Fair warning: we’re not actually suggesting that anyone cross a company with a market cap of about $194 billion.  But developers who do a lot of work related to the Android operating system might be interested to know that an Android Developers Union has taken shape.

A blog devoted to the cause appeared earlier this week, and the “About” section explains, “We . . . are fed up with the conditions of the Android Market.  We are tired of being treated like sharecroppers on Google’s digital plantation!  We have compiled a list of seven demands which Google can implement to improve the Market.  Implementing these demands will absolutely improve the working conditions for Android developers, thereby improving the Android ecosystem and giving a better experience to our customers.”

The first demand (although they may not be in any particular order) is a renegotiation of the “32 percent Google-tax” on app sales.  Then the Union seeks to address the order of entry effect, introduce public bug tracking, and increase payment options.

The Union also wants to see codified rules and an app removal appeal process, a communications and engineering liaison, and algorithmic transparency.

A petition form is available here if you’re interested in more information or want to support these causes yourself.  Just don’t blame us if signing the petition has some unpleasant effects (or has no effect whatsoever).

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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