Android Developer Reveals Huge Sales

Anyone who’s become discouraged about the prospect of becoming a developer on a full-time basis may gain some inspiration from Edward Kim.  Kim, who’s behind the five-month-old Android app “Car Locator,” announced that sales are now in the neighborhood of $13,000 per month.

In a blog post, Kim gave a fairly complete overview of how he’s gotten this far.  It turns out that Car Locator started as something to keep him occupied while on vacation.  The app’s popularity then began to take off around the time it placed third in the Android Developer Challenge 2, and finally skyrocketed after it became a featured app.

Kim also noted that doubling the price of Car Locator from $1.99 to $3.99 worked in his favor, and shrugged off the issue of privacy.

Here’s what may be the takeaway point for hesitant, would-be developers, then: Kim wrote, “If Android development is something you’ve been mulling over, I encourage you to make the leap.  Though my experiences are clearly not typical, I definitely think Android is the ideal platform to be in for an individual developer.”

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By Doug Caverly

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