Android Developer Airs Biggest Complaints

It might not be fair to say that nothing’s perfect – some foods and objects (and maybe even a couple of people) could make pretty good arguments for themselves.  But most things have at least a few issues, and today, an Android developer named his top ten problems with the mobile operating system.

For the sake of saving time (and not stealing Chris Haseman’s whole list), we’ll just hit the top five here.  Follow the link if you’d like to read ’em all.

Anyway, Haseman’s top gripe is that the open source nature of Android has made it likely that “now everyone and their brother is going to make a new ‘Android-powered’ device.”

The second one is, in Haseman’s words “The Tyranny of the Activity.”  Then we have the extreme ease of debugging (he feels the barrier to entry may again be too low), the fact that “Applications Never, Ever Quit,” and the unfortunate reality that “one careless developer can single-handedly demolish a weekend’s worth of battery power in a matter of hours.”

If you agree, disagree, or have complaints of your open, the comment section’s always open, of course.

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By Doug Caverly

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