Android Apps Availability Stir Arises

A number of factors may contribute to any given developers’ inability to make money, including a poor app and cheap users.  But it’s impossible for Android developers to make money when their paid apps aren’t accessible, which is a point the bloggers at Pingdom recently made.

A post on the Royal Pingdom blog pointed out yesterday, “You can only pay for apps in 13 out of the 46 or so countries where Android phones are available.  For those of you who like stats, 13 in 46 works out to less than 30%.  Contrast this with Apple’s App Store, which supports paid apps in 90 countries.  This is a huge advantage iPhone developers currently have over Android developers.”

Google’s addressing the matter little by little; paid apps were recently made available in Japan, for example.

The problem is that people are turning to piracy in the meantime, and by the time Google gets around to letting them purchase apps, it’s hard to imagine that many folks will want to pay for anything.

Food for thought when Android developers find their wallets are a little light, at least.

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By Doug Caverly

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