Android 2.2 Tablets May Be Doable

Google’s been pretty cagey to date concerning Android and tablets; it’s hard for anyone to say where that mobile operating system will stop and Chrome OS will take over.  Just the same, developers may be glad to hear that one company thinks Android 2.2 works well on tablets.

NitroDown, which makes the TouchDown client designed for Android phones and even netbooks, said on its site, “Despite recent messages in the press about Android being not suitable for large screen devices, what we found is that the Android SDK is very capable of letting developers create applications which are optimized for tablet screens.”

Then the statement continued, “While it is true that there are no separate controls for creating widgets like tree views and resizable splitters, it is quite possible to create applications which use the real estate effectively.  It just requires some work on the developers part to get there.”

That’s pretty encouraging, since it means developers might be able to just reuse apps with a bit of tweaking rather than start over.

The trick will be seeing how many device manufacturers decide to play along.

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By Doug Caverly

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