Amazon Relates App Creation To Pizza

Have you developed a game for the Amazon Appstore? Perhaps your still on the fence? If so, Amazon has a new infographic that should help you understand why it thinks you should be developing for its platform.

In a new infographic released today called “Amazon Appstore’s Developer Parlor,” the retailer compares its digital app platform to a pizza parlor. Why? Well, it reasons that the process of making a pizza from scratch is similar to developing an app.

Wait, what?

In Amazon’s eyes, its AWS services are like the pizza crust. It’s the foundation for your app and the first thing any developer needs to establish before working on the app proper. It then later compares the sauce and toppings to all the tools available to developers to help make their apps even more appealing, like GameCircle, In-App Purchasing and Amazon’s Free App of the Day promotion. Finally, it compares the distribution model of pizza parlors (i.e. delivery) to its own app delivery via the Appstore, email recommendations and HTML5 Appstore.

For more, check out the full infographic below:

Amazon Says Its Appstore Is Just Like A Pizza Parlor

Image via Amazon


By Zach Walton

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