All Developers Now Able To use Amazon AppStream

Last year, Amazon introduced AppStream as a way to help developers deliver applications to consumers through the cloud. The proposed benefit was that developers could deliver applications to consumers regardless of their hardware thanks to the application running on cloud servers. It’s been in beta since it was announced, but now it’s finally ready.

Amazon announced this morning that AppStream is finally out of beta and available to all developers. Going forward, developers will be able to utilize Amazon Web Services to host applications on the cloud that are then streamed to consumer devices. AppStream can be used for just about anything as Amazon can stream applications off of a desktop PC or a mobile device running FireOS, Android or iOS.

With the public release, Amazon has also added some new features to AppStream:

  • Automated Version Resolution – AppStream now detects the SDK version that was used to create a client and launches compatible backend services automatically. This allows AppStream and the SDK to evolve without the need for a client upgrade.
  • Mac Client Support – There’s now an OSX SDK to enable the development of clients that run on the Mac.
  • Client SDK Improvements – The client SDKs have been improved and now include support for game controllers. They also provided an enhanced input mapping model for keyboard and touch events.
  • Simplified Getting-Started Experience – We have improved the documentation and the packaging model so that you can get your first application up and running quickly.

If you want to see how AppStream can help improve an app’s performance, check out this video detailing how CCP uses it to power EVE Online. Your application will likely not have the millions of users that EVE Online handles everyday, but it does show the power and scale that AppStream can provide if needed:


If you’re interested in AppStream, you can start reading up on it here.


By Zach Walton

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