All Developers Can Now Use The Android App Translation Service

Back at Google I/O in May, the company showed off a new app translation service for Android developers. In short, it would allow developers to hire professional translators through Google who would then translate their app into however many languages they needed. Now the service is finally ready to go live.

Google announced today that developers large and small are invited to use the company’s new app translation service. The company says that launching an app in multiple languages will ensure you see more success as your app will be more readily accessible in parts of the world that don’t speak your native language.

While the app translation service may have gone live today, many developers have already been using it as part of a pilot program. Google says those that participated in the program saw incredible results from localizing their apps, with one developer finding that 80 percent of installs came from non-English speaking users. If testimonials are your thing, you can see more here.

So, how do you take advantage of this new service? Developers can sign up to have their app translated through the Google Play Developer Console. From there, you must include the project name, the source language and which languages you want your app localized for. If you’re not sure, Google will also provide you with some metrics to help you find which languages similar apps have found success in.

As is the case with most localization projects, costs are varied and dependent upon the amount of work required to localize your app. Despite that fact, Google says that a small app will probably cost about $75 per language while a large app will run you $150 per language. Just remember that those are not concrete prices and it will fluctuate depending on the amount of text that requires translating.

If you want to learn more about the app translation service and app localization, check out Google’s excellent documentation.


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