Alice in Wonderland 2010 Movie Poster

In this tutorial I am going to use inspiration from the new Alice in Wonderland film coming out in theaters this week. I will walk you through some steps on creating a similar movie poster from the movie.

Here are the resources I will use:

To make this tutorial easier I went ahead and cut out all of my images from their backgrounds so I could just place them in my poster. Since this is the most time consuming part of the tutorial you might want to get that out of the way first.

Once you get your pieces cut out start a new document 519X833px to make it look like a poster size. Fill in the background with black.

Place the plate in the document first and size it down to fit in the canvas width.

Next place your alice cut-out in the document and size her down so that there is some space left above her head.

Next place your cup cut out in a layer behind the other and place it similar to where I have mine. Also I rotated mine a bit so the handle is facing toward the bottom.

All the lighting on everything is off and looks kind of dull so far but we will fix that in later steps. First I am going to add the background behind the other layers.

If you have seen any of the alice in wonderland posters the one I am using inspiration from has a greenish background with key holes all over it. So first I will create the greenish background.

First create a new layer behind the other layers this will be layer 4 for me or you can rename them like I did in the next image. To rename them just double click on the layer name beside each layer.

In the new layer use your rectangle tool and choose the color white and cover the background like this…

Now right click on the green background layer and click blending options.

Use this gradient overlay

Click on the actual gradient and choose these colors and move the arrows a bit

Create a new layer above the others and go to your Custom Shape Tool in your tools

In the drop down menu with the shapes choose “sign 3”

In your new layer create a triangle anywhere because we will be moving it around in the next few steps. Don’t worry about how big it is either because you can size it down to your liking. When creating this shape make it kind of longer and narrow similar to this…

Next I am going to flip it vertically to be the bottom part of the key hole. To do this while on the layer hit ctrl+t on your keyboard, right click on the shape in the canvas and choose “flip vertical”…

Now create a new layer above that and choose your ellipse shape tool

Create a black circle and place it over the triangle you just made to finish the key hole

Now highlight those 2 layers in your layers palette and merge them together so it is now one image

Once you merge them you can call the layer key hole.

I will size my key hole down some before I continue to the next step

Move your key hole layer to the top left of the canvas.

Duplicate it multiple times, 4 for me and put them vertically down the left side

Merge all those layers together and duplicate the one layer again and move it to the right. Offset the layers so they don’t line up perfectly.

Now here is what I have

I merged all my key hole layers together so I only have one layer of the key holes. Drag that layer behind all the others except for the green background layer.

Create a new layer above the key holes, open the texture, and drag it in the canvas.

Size it down so it fits into the image.

After sizing it down make it black and white with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+u. Then set that layer’s blending mode to overlay.

Once you complete that click back on your key hole layer and set its opacity at 50%

Now its time to adjust some of the lighting on the different objects in the poster.

First click on your plate layer. Something I always do when I am editing layers, whatever layer I am going to work on I will duplicate it and hide the original so I have a backup in case I mess up the object I am working on. That happens quite often actually so having a backup is good for me.

So I will duplicate my plate layer and hide the previous. First on the this plate I just want to get rid of the bottom portion of the plate you can see here

For this I will just use a soft eraser brush to erase it away.

Create a layer above the plate you are working on and while holding down ctrl,
click on the layer thumbnail. Its the little preview image beside the layer name

When you do that it will create a selection around the plate.

In the new layer fill it with the color #8feaa7

I wanted to give it a slight greenish glow since the background is green. This look a little too bright for my liking though, so I will adjust the plate layer.

Click back on the plate layer and hit ctrl+L to bring up your levels tool and slide the middle cursor to the right a bit

Now the plate should just be a little more brighter green than it once was.

As for the cup there are a few things I want to do with it. First I will duplicate it and keep a backup like with the plate. On the cup though, I am going to use the burn tool to burn certain areas of it.

Grab your burn tool, set its range to “midtones” and its exposure to “49%”

Here you can see how I burned mine

After doing that I will create a new layer above the cup and fill a color over it similar as how I did with the plate.

This time I will use a darker green color, #485926.

Set it to overlay as we did with the plate color.

The next thing I did which I won’t go over because I just used a downloaded grunge brush set. I created another new layer above the cup and used a grunge brush to put white spots over it then set it to soft light to give the cup a more used effect.

As for alice I duplicated her and used the same burn tool settings and burned parts of her clothes mainly and a little on the face and arms.

Now I want to add a shadow from her hand and the back of her body on the plate,
mainly the legs. To do this I will create a new layer below her and first use
my elliptical shape tool to create a circle where the shadow from her hand would
be and then use the pen tool to create the shadow for her legs.

Now add gaussian blur to the shadow layer

Then set the opacity on the shadow layer to about 50%

The last thing I will do to for the shadow the width of her body is get my gradient tool and create another new layer above the shadow I just made. I will choose a darker green color and choose my gradient tool settings:

Now drag your gradient tool to create a rounded shadow below her

Then use your ctrl+t transform tool to size it down by pulling the top middle cursor down and the bottom middle up.

And here is my final shadow for Alice

One last touch for Alice is to add a random reflection of her on the plate. Now since this is wonderland I am going to just do a random reflection and not really worry about how realistic it is.

So first duplicate alice and put the duplicated layer behind the other. Move the layer down and flip it horizontally. Change her opacity to about 20%.

Now I will use the warp tool to warp the reflection to mend with the plate.

To use the warp tool you need either photoshop cs2 or cs3 or newer. If you don’t have that tool don’t worry about this step. So hit ctrl+t on the layer, right click and choose warp:

Using the warp tool drag the cursor as seen in the next image

Now use a soft eraser brush to erase the rest of her body other than legs and feet.

I will do something similar with a reflection for the cup.

To finish off the work I think there should be a reflection of the key holes on the plate. To get this effect I will duplicate the key hole layer and fit it over the plate and change its perspective to look like a reflection.

So duplicate the key hold layer and drag it above the plate layers.

Use ctrl+t on the layer and flip it vertically. After hitting ctrl+t just right click on the layer in the canvas and choose, “flip vertical”

Next use ctrl+t again and size the key holes down by dragging the top middle cursor down.

Finally, use ctrl+t again, right click on the layer in the canvas again, and choose perspective.

Drag the bottom left cursor to the left to make the key holes look like they are on the same plane as the plate.

This will make the key holes look bigger so just use ctrl+t again to size them down.

Erase the excess key holes, set the layer to soft light and 30% opacity.

That is almost the final touch other than adding font.

I downloaded an Alice in Wonderland font on a site, just search for “alice in wonderland font” in your favorite search engine. You will find something. This isn’t the same exact font as the new movie but it works for this tutorial.

Install that and write Alice in the top middle of the poster.

I added the rest of the font from an actual movie poster I found on the internet and now we are done!

Thanks for reading, please leave any questions or comments you may have.

By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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